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 Joshua is a Lifestyle Photographer based in Singapore.  


He is fond of taking beautiful pictures for children and family.

Born with Achondroplasia, whose primary feature is dwarfism. But despite being a physical challenged person, this did not deter him from pursing his dream as a professional photographer since 2010. He's always ready to explore ideas, is patient and more than willing to share a tip or two with you on how to capture better photos with your love ones.  His aim is to create stunning, artistic portraits that you fall in love with and photos that are passed down through generations.

On 19th March 2014,

His story was featured on Chinese Local NewsPaper:

 LianHe ZaoBao 联合早报 (click on the link) to share his

life as a photographer.

In his line of work, he cover Singapore General Election 2020  \

and many other important events happening in Singapore. 

He was featured on Frontline (前线追踪), a Chinese Program in Singapore

premiere on 8 August 2020. 



He shares his interest in covering Singapore National Day Celebration every year.

During the interview, his pictures of the celebration were also featured. As a citizen, he is proud to share the importance of how the Nation has come so far and remembering our forefathers who has established a strong foundation till where Singapore is today. 


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